One of the largest belts in North America
Dyson Conveyor Maintenance, Inc. is a Fenner Dunlop TCSD which means we are independently verified to provide a high level of service.

On-Site Service
Total installation, splicing and repair services are available at your operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our experienced belt technicians, equipped with the most modern and complete assortment of belt repair equipment, are available to travel to your plant, on short notice, to keep downtime to a minimum. Minimizing the customers downtime is crucial to both the customer and Dyson's success.
Some of our many services available
  • Turnkey conveyor belt removal and installation
  • Vulcanizing service
  • Sidewall belt vulcanizing service
  • Bucket installation
  • Idler and pulley installation
  • Conveyor Belt Plant survey service/Preventative maintenance/Surveys and reports
  • Pulley lagging and installation in the field or at our facility (Plain, Diamond and Ceramic)
  • Conveyor belt cleaners and plows, installation and maintenance
  • Skirt systems and transfer point installation and maintenance

Shop Repair Service
We can fully restore your belt to the original pre-damaged condition, no matter the type of damage you have experienced... ripped, edge damaged, surface damaged, ply damaged-steel cord and fabric belts.

We have over 53,000 square feet of enclosed shop area containing the most complete assortment of belt equipment available.